Year of the Pig
Chinese New Year Flower Market Fair
February 9/11, 2007
The start of the 2 week celebration
Throughout the three day Fair, traditional Chinese dance and music will be performed on the main stage, along with an exciting array of entertainment from other Asian cultures.
Each year the Chinese New Year Flower Fair takes place 2 weeks before the lunar new year holiday so that families can come to the fair and purchase their traditional holiday plants, flowers and fruits.
Good Fortune Chinese pinwheels for the kids.
The new thing is a cooker that will do rice and also other foods. At least I think that's what they were promoting. Most of the language you hear is Chinese - way cool!
These flowers and fruits are symbols of the reawakening of nature for the new year, and are associated with happiness, fertility and prosperity throughout the year.
Great fun! Too bad the weather didn't cooperate this year. Sunday (when we all went) was the only rain-free day.
Buddy and I had walked through a few blocks in the rain on Saturday, but the tiny Chinese ladies with umbrellas at our eye-level made it much too dangerous.
Vedica took our picture - the one I took of Vedica and Jane did not come out well - sorry, girls.

As we walked home we saw the SF equivalent of the Flatiron Building. It's now a Ritzy Restaurant owned by Francis Ford Coppola
After several days of rain, we were greeted with this glorious sight out our window! What a wonderful city!
Year of the Rooster